Whether you are a group leaver wanting to retain medical insurance cover, looking to take out individual protection for the first time or wish to improve current cover, we can help.

advo are a multi-award winning healthcare advisory with a truly expert level of knowledge on UK and overseas policies. Recognised for the quality of advice and ongoing service we guide you to the right tailored choice each time.

We offer independent advice on all of the industry’s leading insurers on all areas of personal health covers ensuring you pay the lowest cost for appropriate cover.

Our advisory service is free to you as we are paid by your insurer. As we maintain excellent relationships with insurers we have access to the best rates and can negotiate on your behalf.

Medical Insurance

The benefits of private medical insurance are more pronounced than ever before.

The ability to decide who looks after you, what treatment you receive, which hospital you receive care in and when continues to be of utmost importance as pressure on NHS services continues.

There are a multitude of options from a number of UK insurers.

Our skill is to navigate your choices and select the most suitable cover from the right insurer at the best possible cost.

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I believe in providing each and every one of our private clients with a personal hands on service

Sue Smith, Head of Private Clients

International Medical Insurance

When living and working outside the UK Individual international personal medical insurance is essential where care can either be hard to find to the standard needed or extremely expensive.

International medical insurance can give independence from any State healthcare system and fly you to the best place to receive care if this is not available locally.

We can guide you through the local legal complexities and restrictions and the multitude of insurer options to ensure you have dependable cover at competitive premiums. We then provide first class aftercare during the policy year, and assistance at renewal.

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Great cover, great service and most importantly peace of mind.

Chris Masters, FPFS, Talking Finances

Travel Insurance

We can arrange single and annual multi-trip travel insurance including over-age, high risk and specialist contracts at competitive rates.

Working with specialist travel insurance provider, Voyager Insurance Services Limited, we can support UK and EEA residents, ex-patriate and global residents both with standard and high risk travel insurances. advo has chosen to work with Voyager as they can deliver high levels of customer service and claims support together with competitive rates.

If you are a UK and EEA resident and want to find out more about single or annual multi-trip travel insurance please  click here.

If you are an ex-patriate or non-UK and EEA resident and want to find out more about single or annual multi-trip travel insurance please click here.

If you are travelling to what is considered to be a high-risk country or location, or you have a high risk occupation and want to find out more about single or annual multi-trip travel insurance options that are available for you please click here.


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Once [advo] intervened real progress was made. I am really grateful for all your attention and work on my case.

Mr Bower, Norwich, Norfolk

Cash Plans

Cash plans are an increasingly popular form of health cover as you do not have to be ill to claim. Helping with the everyday costs of maintaining your health including optical and dental care, therapies, diagnostic tests and consultations.

Whether for a check-up for glasses or physiotherapy a cash plan make everyday unavoidable healthcare costs affordable.

The number of cash plans on the market can be daunting. As independent advisors we have sourced the best all-round option through leading provider Westfield Health.

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The client always come first, an approach that has allowed advo to become one of the UK’S largest privately owned advisories.

Colin Boxall, Executive Director

Dental Insurance

Dental cover helps pay for both routine and larger cost unexpected dental treatment.

We only have one set of adult teeth in our lives. As prevention is always better than cure, budgeting for both routine and unexpected events can take the pain out of dental protection.

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Our award-winning advice and expertise is ideal for those overseas clients who need that little bit extra care.

Larry Bulmer, advo CEO


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